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Psychological Support in English

Jack Unii, Brytyjski, Flaga, Wielka Brytania


Dear English-speaking student or employee,

  • if you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious,
  • if you struggle with any kind of emotional distress,
  • if you need psychological assistance,

please note we offer our counselling services in English, too.

Our English-speaking psychologist, Ewelina Kamasz, phD, is here to guide you through the difficulties you experience.



If you'd like to schedule a session with our psychologist, please:

  1. Fill in the Application Form on your computer/mobile device
  2. Log in to your student's email account and send the form (.doc/.docx format) to our email address: empatia@uwm.edu.pl
  3. Our Point of Contact will reply to you, confirming that the application has been accepted and you will be asked to choose a suitable date for your counselling session.

Please note that we will not accept application forms sent from private email addresses.

Feel free to reach out to our Point of Contact - Agata Przyborowska - if you have any questions regarding the registration process or the range of services we provide.

The POC is available to you every working day from 10.00am to 6.00pm.


Best regards,

The Centre for Psychological Support and Psychoeducation Empathy